Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro


STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
SHAPE: Exquisito
LENGTH:4 1/2
WRAPPER: Cameroon, Connecticut
BINDER: Dominican Republic
FILLER: Dominican Republic
PACK: Box of 50

Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro

The Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro is a standout blend in the Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro lineup. It boasts a flavorful and complex profile that appeals to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of cigars. This particular cigar features a dark and oily Maduro wrapper, which adds depth and intensity to the overall smoking experience. The wrapper of a cigar plays a crucial role in determining its flavor and aroma. It is the outermost layer that comes into direct contact with the smoker’s lips and tongue, making it a vital component in delivering a pleasurable smoking experience. The wrapper imparts unique characteristics and flavors that can range from sweet and creamy to spicy and robust.
When it comes to flavor, the Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro wrapper delivers a symphony of bold and complex notes. You may encounter hints of dark chocolate, espresso, and subtle spice, which mingle to create a delightful blend of sweetness and richness. The aroma is intoxicating, with notes of earthiness and a pleasant sweetness that lingers in the air. The binder, located beneath the wrapper, acts as a crucial component in holding the filler tobaccos together. While the wrapper provides the primary flavor profile, the binder influences the combustion and overall smoking characteristics of the cigar. It acts as the bridge between the wrapper and the filler, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.
The draw, or the ease with which you can pull smoke through the cigar, is an important aspect to consider. With the Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro, you’ll find a draw that is just right – not too tight, not too loose. This allows for a smooth and effortless smoking experience, ensuring that each puff is as enjoyable as the last. For those who enjoy a classic pairing, a rich, dark rum or a smooth bourbon would complement the Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro beautifully. If you prefer something lighter, a single malt Scotch or a robust coffee can also enhance the cigar’s flavors.

 Can the Arturo Fuente Unique Exquisito Maduro cigar be aged?

Yes, the Unique Exquisito Maduro can be aged to enhance its flavors and complexity. Properly stored cigars can develop more depth and nuance over time. It is recommended to age them for at least six months to a year to experience the full potential of the blend.
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