El Rey del Mundo Cigars Choix Supreme Coleccion – Jar of 19


Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavor: Light to Medium
Length: 127mm
Vitola de galera: Hermosos No. 4
Ring: 48
Presentation: Handmade China Jar


The El Rey del Mundo Jar contains nineteen Rey del Mundo Cigars Choix Supreme Coleccion, aged for an extra five years, making them some of the most unique Cuban Cigars online.

Considered a vintage collection, the cigars are 127mm long by a 48-ring gauge and are a Hermoso No. 4 vitola. The cigar’s smooth flavours of sweetness and spice are delectably strengthen due to the additional ageing process.

El Rey del Mundo Cigars were found in 1882 and began in the famous Ramon Allones factory. With a light to the medium flavour profile, the cigars are a luxurious choice for both Habano beginners and enthusiasts.

As a special piece for the Spanish market, handmade jars replicating original Partagas jars produce nearly a hundred years ago, have been produce. Being a Limited Edition Cigar and product, there are only 1,000 jars containing nineteen cigars in each. Sure to be purchase quickly by Habanos S.A aficionados who appreciate the finest cigars for sale online.


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