Ramon Allones Eshmoun ER 2012 – Box of 25


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Cigar Name: Eshmoun
Factory Name: Sublimes
Dimensions:54 × 164mm (6½″)
Official Weight:16.65g
Construction: Handmade.
Bands: Standard band D, with a Regional Edition band for Lebanon (Líbano).
Packaging: Numbered varnished boîte nature box of 25 cigars (6,000 produced).
Status: A 2012 release.
History: Released mid-2013.

Ramon Allones Eshmoun ER 2012

The fourth Lebanese Regional Edition of the Ramon Allones ” Eshmoun” comes from ancient Phoenician culture. It measures 6 1/2 by 54.

The Phoenician god “Eshmoun” was worshipped in the ancient city of Saida and was renowned for his fertility and healing powers. Influential and well-known, “Eshmoun’s” influence extended to neighboring nations and towns like Cyprus, Sardinia, and Beirut.
Since this tobacco comes from the same source used to create the original Phoenicio, the business intended to create a “well-built cigar” bearing the name of this god.
Ramon Allones Eshmoun ER 2012
The cigar “Eshmoun” was made using the same size and the four-year-old fermented tobacco was used to roll the Ramon Allones “Phoenicio30” since this spiritual and mystic name demands a well-built cigar. There were only 6,000 boxes made.


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