Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos


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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Medium
Length: 125mm
Vitola de galera: Hidalgos
Ring: 57


Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos

The Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos is the super-premium extension of the core Romeo brand, much like Behike is to Cohiba or the Línea 1935 to Montecristo. To indicate its upper-echelon exclusivity in the Cuban portfolio, Habanos dressed the Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos in ornate, holographic bands. They packaged them in gleaming boxes made of lacquered red sycamore. But the cigar isn’t just about pageantry or inflated prices. Yes, the cigars here are more expensive than core Romeos, but they are indeed exceptional and the Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos was the finest Romeo y Julieta Linea De Oro we had all year, with a festive palate of fruit and nuts, specifically dried fig, raisin, almond and pecan.

The Romeo Y Julieta-Linea de Oro Hidalgos is one of three new cigars added to the regular production portfolio of this famous old brand in 2020. It represents one-third of the new Linea de Oro – The Golden Line – created to mark the 145th anniversary of the brand. measuring 57 ring gauge by 4 ⅞ inches. Unlike the rest of the Romeo y Julieta collection, the Linea de Oro will offer a medium-to-full-strength smoke. Each cigar is dressed with a special band bearing the name of the vitola and a second gold band to protect the foot.

The premium presentation is continued in the exquisite red-and-gold boxes, crafted in sycamore with a high-gloss lacquer finish. Each will hold 20 cigars.



Single, Box of 20


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